Why should I use glass in my architectural projects?

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“When most people think of glass, they think of the glass in their windows, which is indeed very fragile, but when glass is crafted to the proper thickness – a minimum of 1.4 inches – it becomes as hard as stone. Glass offers design options in terms of color, texture and lighting that far exceed anything that can be accomplished with granite or marble,” explains Bertrand Charest, a certified engineer and company President of ThinkGlass, the Canadian company that has established itself as a leader in innovative glass applications. Glass fabrications that can make a dramatic statement in your home include glass staircases, kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, outdoor kitchen countertops, lighting fixtures, walls and landscape features, all of which can be custom designed to fit the style of your home and your personal tastes.

Bertrand Charest says that using glass in your new architectural projects definitely gives you that wow factor you might be looking for. “Glass is a noble material, very pure. Even under natural sunlight, it has a luminescent quality that is stunning all on its own. Glass is not a ‘trend,’ but a very real option for people who want to make a dramatic design statement,” says Bertrand.

Other reasons why glass has become a popular trend in design is that it's transparent so that it doesn't feel heavy, it has an appealing brightness, it’s a natural material and it's 100-percent recyclable and eco-friendly so it can be used to add LEED points in green building.

For more information on glass art and statements for your home, visit ThinkGlass.com.

Photos Courtesy of ThinkGlass- Photo 1- Glass Door, Photo 2- Glass Stairs, Photo 3- Glass Tabletop