When should I consult an architect?

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We chatted with architect Mark Demerly, former chair of the American Institute of Architects' Custom Residential Architects Network, and president of Demerly Architects, to get his expert opinion. Here’s what he had to say.

It’s always worth speaking with an architect before taking any remodeling action. Architects can offer homeowners creative ideas and solutions for home projects, whether it’s remodeling your bathroom or reconfiguring your home.

Ultimately it’s the architect’s job is to help the homeowner conceptualize the big picture. An architect steps in to identify what you need today and in the future and helps you determine how your vision can fit your budget and your style while bringing a unique insight to the project.

It’s important to understand that each home project varies in scale and style. Some projects may call for more contractors and interior designers. An architect views each remodel as a team effort, with the number one team member being you.

The architect you hire should have the proper training and affiliations. Every state and jurisdiction requires that architects take and pass the Architect Registration Examination. In addition, your architect should be associated with a residential architect practice.

Some states require that you consult an architect prior to any home or building renovation. So be sure to research the rules and regulations of your state before you get any work started.

Photos courtesy of Demerly Architects.