What are the benefits of having window coverings?

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Window coverings are important components to your home, especially when it comes to the privacy of you and your family. What you may not realize is just how many different types of window coverings are available to match any style of the home, according to the Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA), the only national non-profit trade association dedicated to the retail window coverings industry who have many expert-members for window covering and decorating projects.

Expert and WCAA member Linda Sullivan, the owner and operator of LDecor, a window treatment and decorating service in Connecticut, points out the many benefits to "window dressing":

  • For a design point of view, window treatments enhance décor, reflecting the ambiance of the room.
  • It is an opportunity to add a feature in a room that not only provides functionality, but also impact.
  • Window treatments should be designed and fabricated to resolve the homeowner's issues and reflect their taste and personality.
  • Custom window treatments, hand crafted with fabrics directly chosen by the designer and the client, will stand the test of time.
  • Window coverings will reflect heat in the summer, hold warmth in and keep cold out in the winter, control the sun exposure in the room to protect floors and furnishings and provide privacy. Interlined drapes are popular in the northeast and other northern areas, adding a much-needed R-value in winter.

Linda has a wealth of design knowledge and pays attention to detail in designing for each client. She believes that taking the time to know her clients is key to creating a successful window treatment or design scheme. Here's her take on some of the most winning window coverings:

Pinch pleat panels have always been popular and still are today. However, today customers are better versed in available options; they often choose an embellishment such as a trimmed leading edge, banding or pleat alternatives such as goblet pleats or grommet pleats.

Swags and jabots are always a top treatment, although used in a less formal manner today. There are so many variations of this classic style that simple changes to the swag or the jabot can modernize or relax this formal and traditional window treatment pairing it with almost any décor.

Solar shades (shown right) are the most popular window treatment today. Customers love the see-through factor of a solar screen while also enjoying light control and privacy. Motorization and cordless options are now the most asked for features. People are drawn to their ease of use, especially in homes with many windows or second story hard-to-reach windows. A common window treatment is the classic layering of shades with a top treatment and/or side drapes.

For more information on window decorating, check out Linda’s website http://ldecordecoratingstudio.com/. For more information on hiring a window covering expert check out our FAQ “When should I hire a window covering expert?” or WCAA http://www.wcaa.org/.

Photos Courtesy of Linda Sullivan.