How should I prepare for a flea market?

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We checked in with flea market expert and co-founder of FleaPop, Ross Resnick to see what he had to say:

  • Have a plan. Before you walk into any flea market know what you’re looking for. It is easy to get overwhelmed by vendors and endless design opportunities. Set goals for yourself so you don’t end up leaving with more than you need or even empty handed.
  • Know your budget. Amazing flea market finds can be as little as $25. A small piece can make a big difference.
  • Do your research. Know what you’re looking for and what that item typically sells for. This way you can make more informed decisions when shopping for vintage items.
  • Have a professional on speed dial. If you think an item needs restoring, consult a pro. You don’t want to pay more for restoration than the item is worth. Snap a picture on site and send it to a professional if you’re not sure.

Pictured is Resnick’s home featuring FleaPop finds including the bar cart, the sun mirror and the panton chairs.