How can I organize my kitchen sink area?

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Cutting board, drying rack, dishtowel holder—the area around your sink can look like a disaster zone with all that clutter. But what if the sink itself was a multi-functional kitchen component that contained those essentials within a streamlined design? That's the answer that can spruce up not just the area around your sink, but also rejuvenate the look of your entire kitchen.

A perfect example is Kohler's line of Strive stainless steel kitchen sinks. In fact, consumer feedback about organization and ease of cleaning was the driving force behind the design. There are five different configurations to the Strive undermount sink—perfect if you've always wanted a bar sink to complement your primary sink. Best of all, each one includes terrific accessories, like a bottom rack and a dishcloth holder (it sits conveniently on top of the divider on the double sink models). You can add even more prep props, like a drop-in cutting board. All its features, like the 10-millimeter corner radii for easy cleaning and 9-inch basin depth for soaking and cleaning large cookware, are also designed to make the sink function as efficiently as possible. (The 10-millimeter radii also have an installation advantage for your contractor—it means easier counter cutting compared to sharper corner radii.) All Strive sinks are constructed of 16-gauge stainless steel, a very durable thickness.


Strive accessories, like the dishtowel rack and cutting board, above, make your sink area functional and fabulous to look at.

With these five configurations to choose from, your sink center can get the facelift you're looking for:

Strive medium and large single basin sinks include a fitted bottom basin rack, a single basin dishcloth bar and utility shelf that fits across the basin for extra storage of scrub brushes and sponges.

Strive double equal basin sink includes a fitted bottom basin rack, a divider dish cloth bar and utility shelf

Strive extra large offset sink includes fitted bottom basin rack, divider dishcloth bar and utility shelf. The extra large basin width allows for cleaning and soaking very large cookware—even a half-cookie sheet to lie flat in the sink basin.

Strive entertainment sink comes with fitted bottom basin rack.

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