How can I add more color to my garden?

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Feeling like your flowers are lacking in color this season? Roy Joulus, CEO of Greenbo offers us some tips on how to add some flavor to your flower bed.

• Use plastic pots that pop. Use colorful plastic flower pots in your garden to give it some flavor. This pop of color from your containers you can create a cheerful garden, patio or balcony. Plastic containers require less watering than standard terra cotta or unglazed ceramic flowerpots. Although it is important to get a very high-grade plastic that can withstand weather elements. With colorful plastic pots, you can either mix them up or pick one color to dominate your flower bed for a greater impact.

• Mix and match. Try out different pairs of pots and flowers to see what color combo you like best. You can try the extreme monochromatic approach by matching plants and pots of the same color. Or you can take the “cottage garden” approach where you mix and match all sorts of colors. If you’re still lost and confused about color coordination,try pairing containers and plants from opposite sides of the color wheel or colors that sit side by side on the color wheel.

• Create a pattern. Designing a garden with a pattern of colors and textures can be really eye-catching. To pull off this effect, make sure each color repeats at a regular interval. This option is best used with border plants, or plants in linear beds. Colorful containers just add to the effect. Patterns are not limited to flower beds, you can use this design on railings, along a patio and even using hanging containers.

Photos courtesy of Proven Winners