3 Ways You Can Guard Your Gutters This Fall

Posted by Kylie Noell on October 30th, 2015 | View comments

Fall is here, which means that the leaves are falling, leaving messy debris around your house and in your gutters. Now more than ever, it’s best to take precautionary measures to safeguard your gutters from potential blockages. Gutter protection systems are a smart choice that will save your home and wallet from the serious and damaging risks of clogged gutters.

There are several gutter protection systems available to choose from. To find out which system is best for you home, you first have to consider how much you want to invest into a protection system. While most protection systems are effective, some may need to be replaced sooner than others and often times you’ll be getting what you pay for. To determine which protection system is best for you, we’ve included some information on a few different options.

1. Screens

Screens are one of the most inexpensive protection systems on the market. Screens lay across the top of the gutter and are attached to the lip with clips. Protection screens will reduce the frequency of gutter cleaning, but they will not completely eliminate the possibility for debris build-up. Because the screens are attached with clips, they can easily blow off from strong winds. They can also be bent from snow or ice buildup because they’re made of either steel, aluminum, vinyl or plastic. While screens may be the more inexpensive option, they won’t provide an effective long-lasting solution.

2. One Piece Systems

If it’s time to replace your gutter system entirely, a one piece gutter system may be worth the investment. While they are higher in cost, they will last longer and offer more durable protection than screens. The downside to one piece gutter systems is that if the system suffers any damage, the entire gutter will need to be replaced.

3. In-The-Gutter Protection

Another inexpensive protection system is using in-the-gutter materials that act as a filter. This protection system is available in foam, nylon, plastic and even brush-like form. Although because the material sits in the gutter, periodic maintenance and cleaning is required to prevent mold buildup.

All three of these protection systems will help to decrease the amount to debris buildup in your gutters, although keep in mind that you’ll be getting what you pay for. A long lasting and durable solution will come at a higher cost. Also, while these gutter protection systems guard against debris, it does not mean that you can let your gutters go unchecked. With a gutter protection system you should have them inspected at the end of the season to make sure there’s no build-up.

Find a gutter inspection and cleaning professional in your area to install your protection system.