Go Wild On Your Walls With These Home Decor Ideas

Posted by Kylie Noell on February 13th, 2014 | View comments

Wallcoverings are back and they’re nothing like your grandmother’s busy floral print. Today you can find modern, eccentric, classic, and elegant designs without the ugly removal. If you’ve ever tried to remove 30-year-old wallpaper, you’re probably hesitant to put anything but paint on you walls. However, the wallcovering industry has come a long way and it’s worth giving a second chance.

Swag Paper is a new online shopping center that specializes in removable, reusable and repositionable wallcoverings. It’s made with a special pressure sensitive adhesive backing that makes installation and removal hassle free. Unlike old out-of-date wallcoverings, swag paper doesn’t leave residue behind. The paper is also made of a poly-woven material that won’t crinkle or crease.

While typical peel-and-stick wallcoverings come on rolls, swag paper comes in custom wall panels that make lining up the pattern less of a headache. Each panel comes at a standard 25’’ width and the option to chose from 5 standard wall heights, eliminating time and waste.

CustomizedWalls is another company that offers reusable, removable and sustainable wall coverings. They offer an easy to use peel-and –stick fabric that can be placed on walls, ceilings, floors, and other quirky places in the home.

Their products are made in the US with zero VOCs and boast a product reusable rate of 100 plus times on clean surfaces. Customized Walls also match their wallcovering colors to paint companies, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, so you can easily match a wallpapered accent wall to the existing paint color in your home. If you’re not a fan of the designs that their artists provide, the company gives customers the option to upload their own photos to create customized wallcoverings.

Kimberly Lewis Home, a Brooklyn based wallpaper boutique, designs playfull patterned wallcoverings inspired by vintage stores and flea markets. Designer, Kimberly Lewis, is dedicated to environmentally sustainable products and domestic manufacturing which is why her products are all made in her New York Studio. These wallcoverings are vibrant and bold and meant to bring a beautiful pop of color to interior design.

If you’re still not keen on wall coverings, but want an equally eye-catching wall, take a look at this unique paint roller. NotWallpaper is a creative online store that manufactures patterned paint rollers that can create stencil like designs on your walls and furniture. The company was founded by couple Dan & Michelle who were inspired by antique paint rollers found in a small shop in Kennebunkport, Maine. Now, NotWallpaper manufactures several original designs for your home.

For more information about wallcoverings check out our FAQ:Why should I consider wallpaper instead of paint?